German Engineered, American Made

6 pane window
  • Each window built by hand

  • UL Approved light panel and electronics

  • Laser cut optical-grade acrylic to guarantee total edge to edge illumination

  • Tunable from 3000k warm white to 6500k cool white

  • 90+ CRI

  • 70,000 hour typical life

  • Made from imported, cabinet grade New Zealand Pine

  • Can be installed On the wall, or IN the wall for remodels

  • Can be ordered with or without window grid

  • Can be ordered painted, or unfinished

  • Can be controlled via phone app or smart home controls to set dimming, timers and dusk to dawn functions

  • Customizable to 48" x 96"


Who Are We?

Daylite Windows logo

DayLite Windows is a unique, custom lighting manufacturer that design and build premium custom faux window lights for individual clients, interior designers and commercial properties. Our work is found in private residences, businesses and luxury hotels around the world. We’re well known for our skill and unsurpassed customer service.


DayLite Windows only makes product to fulfill our client's orders. Even our “stock” products are handcrafted to your specifications. We don't mass-produce anything. And when something is handmade, a lot of time, energy, and passion goes into making it, which means that each individual piece is prioritized. Nothing leaves our facility until it is tested and inspected against our own high internal standards.


However, it’s the unique collaborative design partnerships we forge with our clients that truly make DayLite the best in the business, making sure you receive your custom window exactly as you envisioned it.


Therefore, we care deeply about our supply chain, too. We work hard to source only the highest quality materials in the world—which makes our finished products the best they can be.


We realize that each clients’ needs and budgets are unique which is why we offer different levels of features to precisely fit their application.


“What can I do to make a better product or provide better service?" is the question we ask ourselves daily in order to always exceed expectations and provide the best product money can buy.



No Tools Required

If you can hang a picture, you can install a DayLite Window. No tools are required, everything is included, and can easily be installed by one person in under 5 minutes.
DayLite Windows instantly transforms any interior into a more spacious, pleasant, and well-lit environment. Homes, offices, basements, WFH areas...anywhere natural light is unavailable, and installing a traditional window is impractical.

4 pane unfinished window
Controller capabilities


Don’t Take Our Word For It

"Absolutely stunning! Our master bath doesn’t have any windows (condo building) and these made the room feel so much more open. My contractor installed them in our renovation. Highly recommend! They work great on a dimmer. People actually mistake them for real windows."

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All DayLite Windows utilize energy-efficient LED technology from 3000k warm white to the 6500K spectrum which most closely replicates natural sunlight. Our LED windows have a general life expectancy of 70,000 hours. If you use your DayLite Window 8 hours a day, every day, that's about 24 years!


Remodeling the basement? This is the rough-in version of The Original. Same size, Same light output. Here are the differences:

Unfinished and untrimmed: Ready to be built into your studs and is unfinished so it can be painted, stained, and trimmed with the moulding of your choice to match the trim in rest of the room. It's not as finished as the Original DayLite Window, but sanded, and ready for stain or paint. 

12 or 24 Volt DC: Just plug in! No electrician necessary.

Adding more than 1? Just daisy-chain them with low voltage cable. 

If/when the light should ever fail, the window is designed to be easily removed and the new model re-installed.

Rough In Window
Food Packing


DayLite Windows is committed to making the world a brighter place!

10% of all DayLite Windows profits are donated to proven non-for-profit organizations that share our desire to make families and communities thrive.