Improve the look and feel of any room with a Daylite Window!



A DayLite Window looks like a real window, because it is a real window. Hand made, solid wood, trim...the only difference between a Daylite Window and the windows in your home is the light source.



DayLite Windows instantly transforms any interior into a more spacious, pleasant, and well-lit environment. Homes, offices, basements, dorm rooms...anywhere natural light is unavailable, and installing a traditional window is impractical.



No Tools Required

If you can hang a picture, you can install a DayLite Window. No tools are required, everything is included, and can easily be installed by one person in under 5 minutes.



All DayLite Windows utilize energy-efficient LED technology at the 6000K spectrum which most closely replicates natural sunlight. Our LED windows have a general life expectancy of 50,000 hours. If you use your DayLite Window 8 hours a day, every day, that's over 17 years!



Remodeling the basement? This is the rough-in version of The Original. Same size, Same light output. Here are the differences:

Unfinished and untrimmed: Ready to be built into your studs and is unfinished so it can be painted, stained, and trimmed with the moulding of your choice to match the trim in rest of the room. It's not as finished as the Original DayLite Window, but sanded, and ready for stain or paint. 

12 Volt DC: Just plug in! No electrician necessary.

Adding more than 1? Just daisy-chain them with low voltage cable. 

If/when the light should ever fail, the window is designed to be easily removed and the new model re-installed.



Don’t Take Our Word For It

"I love my window!! It arrived safely without damage and thus far is working great! It's gorgeous!! This is a high quality item that is VERY nicely designed. 
Seller responds quickly and answered my questions.
Item arrived very very quickly also and was nicely/safely packaged."

"I’m in love!!!!!! I bought these for my classroom with no windows and they look FANTASTIC!!!!!! I couldn’t give enough compliments if I tried. I bought two. Wish I could post more pictures. They’re just lovely."

"Absolutely fabulous- answers all the questions for a windowless room! Unbelievable- just like real and a real treat to deal with!"

"I have a room in a basement that doesn't have any windows. So I setup curtains to give the appearance. While that looked nice, curtains don't provide any light. This Faux LED window worked perfectly in providing it! What's more, DayLiteWindows is such a great company to work with. I highly recommend them!!"

"Excellent product. Love the dimming capabilities. Soft, warm light makes it a pleasant day in any weather!"

"It's so wonderful. My boyfriend got a new apartment and a bedroom in the terrace with no windows. He was having trouble waking up with no light, so after researching, I bought this window and a timer. The window looks exactly like daylight through translucent glass, and is beautifully stained and cut. It works well with the timer too! My boyfriend wakes up every morning to his alarm and perfect "daylight." The craftsmanship is well worth the money, and the customer service was fantastic as well...Really can't ask for more."

"I am very happy with the window. It's well made and adds a nice ambiance to my finished basement."

"I absolutely love this. I have it set up in a normally very dark corner of my apartment near the front door. It looks so nice there and gives off a very natural light. It looks just like a frosted glass window and totally changes the look of the space. Such a clever idea."

"I installed this in a windowless office with black walls. Formerly a video editing suite, this space was designed to keep light out. The "windows" were a great solution to bringing warmth and light into the space."

"The window looks very real. It provides bright light in a very “home-like” way." This will be a wonderful addition to my windowless classroom. Thank you!"



DayLite Windows is committed to making the world a brighter place!

10% of all DayLite Windows profits are donated to proven non-for-profit organizations that share our desire to make families and communities thrive.



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