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J Hook Installation

J Hook Installation

J Hook illustration
WL5 Controller Instructions
WB5 Controller Set Up

Alexa Gradual Sunrise/Sunset Setup example

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Gradual Sunrise.jpeg
Gradual Sunset.jpeg

In Wall Installation

  • The window is built in 2 pieces. The “frame” we’ll call it, and the light itself. The light is held in place by Buttonfix connectors. 

  • Push the light out of the frame from the back.

  • Install the frame in the rough opening.

  • Bring the window to the frame and hook up the 120v power to the power supply.

  • Now is the time to sync with any smart home device if desired. See instructions on this page.

  • Snap the window back into the frame. You might have to give it a little whack with the heel of your hand to get it in place. Those connectors really have some grab. Obviously, just push on the wood part, not the lens. 

Alexa Setup
In Wall Setup
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