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Did you know we can also supply stand-alone LED panels?

Laser cut and engraved, our Light Guide Panels are also the perfect solution for reliable LED signage and backlighting applications. Let’s take a look an in-depth look at the components we use to make a LED light panel guide.

1. Optical grade acrylic for exceptional translucency

Because of its 96% optical clarity, this kind of acrylic has higher light transmission rates than glass. Due to its clarity LED light can be evenly distributed across the entire LED Light Guide Panel creating a total curtain of even-lit light.

2. Laser cut for maximum accuracy

Because we use laser cutting the acrylic edges are crystal clear and leave no chippings or dust in the acrylic. This enables 100% LED light flow allowing for total cutting accuracy and consistently brighter LED Light Guide Panel.

3. Laser engraved dot-matrix patterns for even-lit lighting

We use laser engraving machines to generate a superior dot or line pattern for light distribution. The dot-matrix pattern is optimized for 100% light distribution allowing for total light distributions.

4. Reliable LED’s that are brighter and longer lasting

We use Tier 1 ANSI Binned LED that last longer and omit a consistent quality of light. The color or CCT, lumen output and forward voltage of every LED is tested and approved for highest quality.

Contact us for your custom application today!

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