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Home Office Design Mistakes

If you work from home, much of your day is spent in your home office. Therefore, this must be an intentionally designed space to help increase your focus, production and overall comfort. The layout, furniture, decor and general environment are all essential factors. If you’re designing a home office, read on for the most common home office design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Lack of proper lighting The lighting in a space can significantly impact how you function and feel. The most important light source is natural light. Ideally, your home office will have plenty of natural light and the best place to position your desk is in front of the window. In addition to the natural light, layering in task lighting, such as table lamps, will provide the necessary light to focus.

The wrong seating If you spend most of your workday sitting, the chair is one of the most essential elements of your home office. A desk chair should be structured enough that you don’t want to sink back and relax but also not too uncomfortable. If you prefer other spots to sit and work, consider where else you can position a chair that will be conducive to productivity.

An uncomfortable desk Just like the chair, the desk’s comfort levels are essential. A desk must comfortably accommodate all the items you require during the workday. Whether you need a laptop and additional room to write or draw or a surface area large enough for several screens, the size and configuration of your desk are critical to your ability to work comfortably.

No space to move Sitting all day can have the opposite effect on your productivity. A walking or treadmill desk allows you to work while walking or standing. It’s the ideal spot to burn nervous energy, help ignite your creativity, or hit your daily step goals.

Too much clutter Filling your workspace with decor, frames, supplies and other items can be an appealing way to make your home office feel more personal. However, these items can quickly add up, creating a cluttered environment. A work area that embraces minimalism can be both functional and beautiful.

Working in a common area Floating around when you work may be convenient, but it may be more challenging to shift into work mode mentally. If your home office is at the dining room table, bed, or couch, invest in creating a dedicated spot solely for work. It’s an easy way to have a sharper focus on work and to be able to shift that focus once the workday is over.

Forgetting the importance of storage No matter how clean and clutter-free your office is, there is still a need for ample storage in a home office. Whether it’s a basket system with built-in or free-standing shelves, drawer organizers, or a filing system, creating an organizational system that’s easy to adhere to will keep your home office feeling organized.

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