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How to Create a Beautiful and Comfortable Home Office in Five Easy Steps

"One of the most important things in a home office is lighting. Good lighting makes significant impacts on keeping you sharp and active throughout the working hours. Natural daylight is always the best because it is the most evenly balanced source of white light. However, it is not always possible to get a room with a window, and even when you have one, the intensity of daylight changes based on several factors. There are several other great lighting options you can use. Combine two or three light sources to lighting the room evenly. A combination of a task light and overhead light is a great option. If you will be working late night shifts, invest in a high-quality task light.

Good lighting also makes your home office look more beautiful. If it’s a small space, good lighting will make it appear larger."

DayLite Windows has the light color and brightness control that most mimics sunlight. As long as we're working from home, shouldn't we make it as pleasant as possible?

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