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Renovating for Resale: Creative Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

You want to be sure you’re getting the best price for your house when you decide to sell it. There are innovative ways to add value without going over budget, even though certain improvements can be pricey. The bedroom is one place that can have a significant impact. You can attract more buyers to your home by modernising this area. Here are some innovative methods for renovating your bedroom to raise the value of your house.

Utilise your space to the fullest

A fantastic addition to any bedroom are fitted wardrobes. Due to the fact that they are uniquely created to fulfil the requirements of your area, they can maximise the available space. You can have fitted wardrobes constructed to coordinate with the design of your bedroom, and you can choose the finish that you like from a selection of possibilities. They can also increase the amount of storage in your bedroom, which is always a benefit. Although having a fitted wardrobe in a bedroom is not necessary, place emphasis on it for a more elevated bedroom.

Invest in new bedding

A quick and inexpensive method to change the appearance of your bedroom is with new bedding. Your bed can look more inviting and opulent by spending money on high-quality bedding items like plush comforters and sheets with a high thread count. Pick patterns and hues that go well with the style of your bedroom, and don’t be afraid to mix and match various textures to create visual interest.

Establish a reading nook

A comfortable area in your bedroom where you may read is called a reading nook. It might be as straightforward as a cosy chair and a lamp or more complex, with built-in shelving and a window seat. A reading nook can make the bedroom feel like a refuge, which appeals to potential buyers.

Add a colourful pop

Adding a splash of colour to a neutral-coloured bedroom might improve its aesthetic appeal. Adding vivid artwork, painting an accent wall, or using vibrant fabrics like throw pillows or a rug are all effective ways to achieve this. Just be mindful not to use too many colours since this could make the room appear congested.

Increase the lighting

In a bedroom, natural light may significantly alter the atmosphere. It can give the room a bigger, brighter, and friendlier appearance. There are various ways you may add additional light to your bedroom if it doesn’t get enough natural light or has small windows. Think about adding a skylight or changing your current windows for bigger ones. To reflect more light in the room, you can paint the walls and ceiling with light hues.

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