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What Are the Benefits of New, Sunlight-Mimicking LED Lights?

Bring the benefits of desirable natural light indoors with cutting edge LED technology.

Like a breath of fresh air, sunlight brings a sense of lightness and sophistication that’s difficult to imitate—but not impossible.

Thanks to advanced LED chips that mimic natural sunlight, more and more spaces are bringing sun-like light inside, even where natural light is hard to come by.

Whether enhancing classrooms with east- and north-facing windows or lighting up internal office spaces, these bulbs offer many of the same aesthetic and biological benefits as natural sunlight.

Benefits of Sunlight

Why do we feel so good in the sun? Biologically, sunlight helps us stay awake and alert, supports metabolism, and promotes the production of vitamin D.

Aesthetically, natural light is one of the most important ingredients for a beautiful space. While it might not be the right fit for every design—cozy lounges and candlelit dining rooms, for example—when a space calls for bright, crisp light, it’s hard to beat the real thing.

Blue Light: Facts and Fiction

Increased screen time has sparked important conversations around the effect of light on physical and mental health. So, what’s true and what’s false about blue light exposure?

Fiction: Blue light only comes from artificial sources. When we step outside into the sun, we encounter white light. White light is the combination of every color of visible light, including blue, at equal intensity.

While human beings have always been exposed to natural blue light, the amount and concentration is increasing due to LED screens, which tend to contain a more potent concentration of blue light.

Fact: Some blue light is important for sleep-wake cycles. When the eye takes in blue light wavelengths, it signals to the brain to keep the body awake. Blue light, especially from natural sources in the morning, helps keep us up during the day and fall asleep at night.

Fiction: All LED lights contain blue light spikes. Some LED lights, like the ones used in many high definition electronic screens, contain a spike of blue light. Others contain a balanced spectrum of light designed to mimic natural sunlight.

Fact: Too much blue light can negatively impact health. While it’s true that white light from the sun—which includes blue light—is good for alertness and energy, too much blue light can cause disruptions in sleep patterns by keeping us awake at night.

Why Choose Sun-Mimicking Lighting?

What makes sun-mimicking lights so beneficial?

  1. Good for health. Sun-mimicking LEDs make waking hours more productive and resting hours more relaxing.

  2. Focus and alertness. Increased focus and alertness makes sunlike LEDs a perfect fit for offices, hospitals, and schools.

  3. Better color rendering. Want objects in your space to look their best? Sunlight-mimicking LED lamps bring out the best in every color and texture.

Why Choose Day-lite Windows?

  • Each window built by hand

  • Tunable from 3000k warm white to 6500k cool white

  • 90+ CRI

  • 70,000 hour typical life

  • Made from imported, cabinet grade New Zealand Pine

  • Can be installed On the wall, or IN the wall for remodels

  • Can be ordered with or without window grid

  • Can be ordered painted, or unfinished

  • Can be controlled via phone app or smart home controls to set dimming, timers and dusk to dawn functions

  • Customizable to any size!

Interested in learning more about sun-mimicking LEDs and using Day-lite Windows in design?

Contact for more info.

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