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Why morning light is so crucial to your health — it's more powerful than you might realize

“Health is wealth” – this is not just a saying but a mantra to live long and healthy. Two experts spoke with BBC and shared why it was important to soak up the morning light as much as possible and how it is excellent for health.

Steve Jones, Senior Research Fellow, Human Genetics, University College London, said, “Sunlight is powerful stuff, perhaps more powerful than most people realize. The perils of living without sunlight are really quite real. In some ways, modern life has driven us back to the Stone Age, when we lived in caves.”

Jones elaborated, “In the 60s there were several experiments by French people who went into caves and stayed there. They all began to sleep either for extraordinarily long periods of time or extraordinarily short periods of time, and they couldn't tell the difference. They all said they had severe mood disturbances and depression, so much so that some of them had to leave long before they really had planned to.”

‘Every aspect of how we function is controlled by light’

Agreeing with Jones, Aarti Jagannath, an associate professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, told BBC, “Every aspect of how we function is controlled by light. An effect on mood, increased depression, more metabolic disorders, and all of these things are offshoots of a disrupted circadian clock.”

She said, “It times all of our physiology and all of our behavior. All of the active sorts of processes are compartmentalized to the day, and all of the restorative processes are kept to the night.

‘The bright light had a much greater effect on elevating mood’

The professor also mentioned a study conducted at the Broadmoor institute, which found “the bright light had a much greater effect on elevating mood than even some anti-depressants.”

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