Remodeling the basement? This is the rough-in version of The Original Daylite Window. Same size, Same light output. Here are the differences:

Unfinished and untrimmed: Ready to be built into your studs and is unfinished so it can be painted, stained, and trimmed with the moulding of your choice to match the trim in rest of the room. It's not as finished as the Original DayLite Window, but sanded, and ready for stain or paint. 


12 Volt DC: Just plug in! (Plug not included) No electrician necessary. Adding more than 1? Just daisy-chain them with low voltage cable.  (Contact me if you need instructions)

If/when the LED's ever fail (like in 10-20 years) the window is designed to be easily removed and the new model re-installed.





Daylite Window Rough-In

Control Choices
LED Color Temperature
  • Specs:
    -All Wood Construction
    -Optical grade acrylic lenses
    -Cool operating low voltage LED with 50,000 hour life expectancy.
    -Choose from 6000K light spectrum to replicate sunlight, or 3000K for a warmer glow.
    -Plugs into a standard 120v outlet.
    -Can easily be installed by one person in under 5 minutes.
    -Dimensions are 25"H x 20"W x 2.5"D

    You can choose between a simple remote control that controls the window on/off/dimming, OR a WiFi controller that is compatible with Alexa, Google assistant, IOS, Android, IFTTT, etc. This will also allow you to have your lights automatically turn on or off at a specified time or create a Sunrise/Sunset function.


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