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"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"


Daylite Windows started as a bright idea in a dark basement.

I was in my unfinished basement considering the possibility of making it an additional living space, but its lack of natural light discouraged me. I could have just installed more light fixtures, but I knew it would still feel like a basement.

"What if I made and installed "fake windows" with the same color spectrum as natural light?" Since I had spent many years in the electrical and lighting industry, and loved woodworking, I decided to give it a try. After much trial and error, I finally came up with a light fixture that not only looked good aesthetically, but also gave me the daylight effect I wanted.

"Big Things Have Small Beginnings"

Friends and relatives wanted "windows" of their own. Popularity grew, constant improvements were made, and Daylite Windows was born!

Now, I am proud to say, that DayLite Windows is a unique, custom lighting manufacturer that designs and builds premium custom faux window lights and backlighting solutions for individual clients, interior designers and commercial properties. Our work is found in private residences, businesses, medical facilities, schools, churches, and luxury hotels around the world. We’re well known for our skill and unsurpassed customer service.

"Obsess Over Customers"

DayLite Windows only makes product to fulfill our client's orders. Even our “stock” products are handcrafted to your specifications. We don't mass-produce anything. And when something is handmade, a lot of time, energy, and passion goes into making it, which means that each individual piece

is prioritized. Nothing leaves our shop until it is tested and inspected against our own high internal standards.


We realize that each clients’ needs and budgets are unique which is why we offer different levels of features to precisely

fit their application.


“What can we do to make a better product or provide better service?" is the question we ask ourselves daily in order to always exceed expectations and provide the best product money can buy.

Steve Norman, Owner

Faux Window Lights
attic bath2.jpg

Built entirely by hand, these faux windows can be hung on your wall in less than 5 minutes, or choose an In Wall version (shown) for remodels or new construction. All customizable in size, style and options.

Custom Backlighting Solutions & Controls

Representing the new standard in LED backlighting applications for interior lighting, retail displays, signage, and translucent stone countertops

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