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Creating a Smart Bedroom for Better Health and Relaxation

The ideal bedroom is not only a place of rest and relaxation, but a smart sanctuary designed to foster wellness. 

Technology can bring a host of enhancements to the bedroom, from integrated lighting and window treatments that support a person’s circadian rhythms to melatonin-reducing mirrors to boost morning energy. And although some of these elements can be found throughout the home, the bedroom is often the place where they will do the most good. 

“Clients are starting to prioritize health in their homes and thinking about the rooms in particular that impact overall wellness,” according to Suzanne Donegan, a Los Angeles-based designer and creative director at Suzanne Donegan Studio. “As a health-informed design consultant, I encourage my clients to invest in one room in particular—the bedroom.” The three things that have the biggest effect on people’s biology and overall health are air, light and thermal comfort, or temperature, according to Ms. Donegan. Although these are important to keep in mind throughout the house, they are especially critical where people rest and regroup. 

“If we’re looking at creating this relaxing, comfortable environment, these are the three main areas that impact restorative sleep,” she said. “And they impact our health during the day with productivity and creativity.”

The right technology can help create healthy habits, such as lights that mimic the natural light outside or dim at a certain time to cue bedtime.

“Science has shown the impact these can have on our circadian rhythm,” Ms. Donegan explained. “Adaptive smart technology can help regulate the body's internal clock…[and] boost our immune system.”

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